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3 Fun Activities do with your dog in Houston, TX

One of the best cities to visit or even to live in throughout all of Texas is the city of Houston, TX. Houston has a lot to offer for both people and their multi-legged canine friends and there are many things there for people and their dogs to enjoy together. Here are a couple of different activities for you to check out if you happen to be in Texas with your dog.

Activity #1: Go to the Park

Wherever you are, the park is usually a good bet for finding something to do with your dog as it provides you with somewhere to go hang out and play together with a beloved pet and Houston has a lot of options for which park to go with your dog. Some of the best options for parks to take your dog for a walk in include places like Congressmaen Bill Archer Park, Alexander Duessen Dog Park and Millie Bush Bark Park just to name a few. This is just a small sample of the number of places to take your dog if you need somewhere to take them for a walk in Houston, Texas.

1. Congressman Bill Archer Park

This West Houston Dog Park has it all- bone-shaped ponds, agility courses, restrooms, wash areas, walking trails and more. Dogs will love playing off-leash at this large park with separate, fenced areas for big and small dogs.

  • 3201 State Highway 6 North, Houston, Texas 77084


  • Featuring separate areas for large and small dogs, this 17-acre dog park is Houston’s largest. Big dogs will enjoy 14 acres of room to roam while smaller dogs will enjoy 3 acres all to themselves.

  • Open 7 days a week from 7 am until dusk.

2. Alexander Deussen Dog Park

Located in northeast Houston, this park on Lake Houston has separate areas for large and small dogs to play. This park has plenty of shade for you as well as lots of grassy, open areas for dogs to roam and play off leash.

  • 12303 Sonnier Street, Houston, Texas 77044


  • Six and a half acres of fun await your pup at this Houston dog park. Featuring agility equipment for your pup and restrooms for you, this park will keep you both happy for hours.

  • Summer hours (March- October) 6am- 9pm 7 days a week; Winter hours (November- February) 6am- 7pm 7 days a week.

3. Millie Bush Bark Park

Let your pup roam and play while you relax in the shade at this dog park in West Houston. After Fido is done playing, wash him off the park wash stations so he doesn’t leave muddy footprints in your car.

  • 16101 Westheimer Parkway, Houston, Texas 77082


  • Small and large dogs can cool off and play in the ponds located within this West Houston dog park. The park itself is just more than eight acres of off-leash fun for dogs of all sizes and features plenty of shade as well as benches.

  • Open 7 days a week from 7am- dusk.

Activity #2: Visiting the Beach

With some of the most dog-friendly beaches in Texas, one of the most ideal choices for activities to do with your dog friend is a visit to the beach. Many dog owners love being able to play fetch and just hanging out with their dog on the various beaches as well as swimming and playing fetch with their favorite dog friend

Activity #4: Take your dog out to eat with you

Take your dog to the beach
Things to Do with dogs in Houston

If you feel like eating out then perhaps you should consider taking your dog with you. There are quite a few restaurants that welcome dogs and you can always take your dog with you to one of them and have both your meal and your dog’s company at the same time, provided you go to one of the restaurants that allow pets on their premises. Depending on where you end up going, some of the best options for a night out with your dog may even offer you the opportunity to get your dog a meal out rather than just having to watch you eat.

This variety of different options for time out with your dog gives you an extensive collection of choices of what to do and where to go if you want to hang out with your dog in Houston and don’t want to just take a stroll down the road every day. This list should offer you a much greater degree of flexibility and choices in terms of what to do and where to go for your various dog-related activities while you’re in Houston with your four-legged friend.

If you need more awesome tips on things to do and places to go with your four-legged friends while you’re in Houston, contact us to get more tips and suggestions.

So whether your dog has been playing in the sand at the beach or rolling around in grassy meadows, our mobile groomer can bath them after there adventure day in Houston. Give us a call and we'll make sure they look and smell as fresh as flowers!


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