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Missouri City Overnight Pet Sitting

Some pets need a lot of care and attention and prefer to have a human to sleep next to at night. Furthermore, when you are away for a long period of time, you may need to consider that your house will be safe and well-kept.

Our overnight pet sitters will sleep in your home while you are away. They will follow your pet’s care guidelines and care for your home as well. With our overnight pet sitters, your home will look occupied while you are away, so you do not have to stress about the safety of your home. We will be available to care for house plants, keep the house tidy, bring in mail, and take out garbage.

We offer overnight pet sitting service in your home. Generally, we arrive around 7-9 pm, after we are done with all of our pet-sitting visits for the day, and leave your home around 7-9 am. If our schedule allows then we will spend more time in the morning snoozing with your furry friends. During our overnight stay, walks and other pet needs are included for no additional cost. If you are interested in our overnight pet sitting service then remember to consider an additional midday visit or two during the day.

All Overnight Pet Sitting services are performed with love and attention. We spend approximately 12 hours at your home, overnight, with your pets.

Each visit includes:
  • Exercise, playtime, and walks in the evening and the morning

  • Fresh food and water

  • Cleanup of yard and litter box

  • Medications as needed (including injections)

  • Mail and newspaper pickup

How The Overnight Pet Sitting Service Works:

  • Call Sit Walk Stay Sienna as you are making plans for your trip.

  • We will set up a free consultation to meet you and your pets at your home.

  • At the consultation, we will review your pets' routine.

  • At the consultation, you will give us information about sleeping arrangements.

  • You provide us with a key to your home.

  • A few days before service begins, we call you for a final confirmation.

Advantages of Using Sit Walk Stay Sienna:

  • Your pets continue on a regular routine, safe and secure at home.

  • Your pets receive individual attention in the form of walks, playtime and hugs!

  • You don't have to make extra trips to the kennel before and after your trip.

  • Your pets are not stressed by an unfamiliar location.

  • Your pets are not exposed to illness from other animals.

  • Regular visits give your house a "lived-in" look.

Contact us today to schedule your overnight pet sitting. Missouri City Overnight Pet Sitting | |
281-643-7180 | Houston, Missouri City, Sienna Plantation, Sugarland, Lake Olympia, Riverstone

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