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Missouri City Mobile Dog Grooming

One Pet At a Time​

Sit Walk Stay's professional pet groomers take gentle care of your animal in the safety of your home or driveway. As pet owners ourselves, we recognize that your pet is more than an animal – he’s a member of the family. Knowing that he remains on his own 'turf' or in-home throughout the grooming process gives both of you security and peace of mind. This service is particularly valuable for older or injured pets that are not up to the stress of a car ride or the anxiety of being left alone. A trip to a traditional pet groomer is traumatic for many pets. The stress of being left alone, usually all day, and locked in a cage is very upsetting. Once they finally do receive the attention of the pet groomer, they are often treated roughly in an effort to finish as quickly as possible. In recent years, there have been numerous reports of inhumane treatment of animals at various grooming locations across the country. Let your pets stay home. We schedule a limited number of pets per day. This ensures that we can spend as much time and give as much individualized attention to your pet as he deserves.

Typical Grooming Salons can cause Stress, Mobile Pet Grooming Alleviates Stress

On top of the hassle of taking your pet to a typical (non-mobile) pet groomer, the grooming experience is stressful for many pets. In most grooming salons, dogs and cats are shut in cages while they wait for their turn, which is can be stressful. They are put in a tub of water or showered, which can be somewhat traumatic for pets that do not enjoy getting soaking wet. Then, after the wash is over, they are shut in cages again while they wait to be dried. Does this sound like a pleasant day for your beloved pet? With Sit Walk Stay Sienna, your pet will never be stuck waiting in a cage. He or she will have constant attention from professional pet groomers who love animals. Plus, since your pet will never come into contact with another animal, your pet will not be exposed to germs from other cats and dogs.


Individual Attention

Regardless of breed, size and age, we welcome all dogs to our mobile grooming salon. Before your pets grooming begins, we will discuss their history and needs, behavior and health. Then, we'll create a custom plan for you and them. We promise a safe, clean and comfortable environment for all pets, at all times. At Sit Walk Stay Sienna we offer the following services: thorough cleansing, fluff dry, nails trimmed, ear and teeth cleaning, complete brush out, feet and pads trimmed. Sanitary trim, breed cuts or full body cut are additional. Because of the uniqueness of our pet grooming service, we service only a limited number of pets each day. This allows our groomers and handlers to spend quality time with our guests. Your dog will appreciate the attention to detail we offer.

  • Your pet will get individualized, one-on-one attention the whole time

  • No cages or kennels

  • Convenient (we come to your home)

  • No mess for you (our equipment quickly cleans up after grooming)

  • Comfortable for your pet (cleaning wand feels like a relaxing brush)

  • Safer for your pet’s health (equipment is completely sanitized by our solution, minimizing the risk of your pet coming into contact with other pets’ germs)

  • Environmentally conscious (only about 1 gallon of water used per grooming appointment)

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