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If you read 1 article about Missouri City pet sitting read this one.


Although going on vacation is a welcome respite from the daily grind, leaving Fido behind can be stressful for the family. Some dogs, especially those who are older or have special needs, would much prefer the comfort of their own home as opposed to the chaotic atmosphere of a boarding facility. Luckily, businesses such as Sit. Walk. Stay. Sienna. (SWSS) are available for the daily needs of pet owners who wish to leave their fur babies in an environment they feel most comfortable while also keeping an eye on their vacant houses. Besides dog sitting, SWSS offers a number of other services in the Sienna, Missouri City area and listed below are only a few reasons you should choose this business for your pet-care needs!

Your pet will be fully taken care of The pet care providers at SWSS will visit your home 2+ times per day and visits will never be more than 12 hours apart. While the sitter is in your home, he or she will give your pet food, fresh water, and any necessary medication, as well as provide a potty break, playtime, and exercise for your pet. You can also rest assured that your mail will be brought in, trash will be taken to the curb, blinds will be opened or closed, plants watered, and general security of your home checked. Each visit costs $15, which is way cheaper than most boarding facilities charge, yet your pet will undoubtedly be much happier and your home much safer.

You can hire SWSS to take your dog for a walk, or a simple potty break This service is especially helpful if you are in the process of training a puppy. For just $15 per visit, you can have peace of mind knowing that a sitter will be stopping by to take your dog for a 25 minute walk or a potty break with play time. During these visits the sitter will tidy up your dog’s living quarters and provide food and fresh water as well.

They clean your yard for you Not a fan of cleaning up after your pet or simply don’t have the time? For only $15 per visit, SWSS will remove pet waste from your yard. Simply leave the dirty work up to them!

Never miss a grooming appointment again Unfortunately, many grooming and other pet service appointments are only available during the times that most people work. SWSS will chauffeur your dog to and from his or her appointment with their affordable and convenient pet taxi service.

They have your backs, 24/7 Have an emergency and need help with your pet, or have you locked yourself out of the house? You can call SWSS 24/7 for assistance. No extra charge for multiple pets Perhaps best of all is that SWSS will not charge extra for their services if you have a multi-pet household or require pet sitting over busy holidays. SWSS truly has the needs of their customer in mind!

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