Employment Opportunities

Occasionally we have a need for additional team members if you have a love for animals and meet the following criteria please tell us about yourself and fill out an application below.


Job Duties

Our sitters perform a wide range of functions for pet owners who may be on vacation or at work and need someone to look after their pets. Job duties include visiting the client’s home and feeding and walking pets during scheduled times. Pet sitters must:


  •  Be comfortable attending New Client Meetings, which are essentially interviews, for pet sitting jobs.

  • Sitters must also be comfortable referring to existing client notes and filling in for Pet Care Team members that are unable to service a primary client.

  • Pet sitting visits range from 15- 30 minutes and are usually done at roughly the same time each day to keep continuity for the animals. For example, most cat sitting assignments consist of one visit per day while dog sitting assignments can range from 2-4 visits per day. Most pet sitting assignments are 1-2 weeks in length, but some may just be over a weekend. Visits are spread out during pet sitting hours of 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Pet sitters must be willing to take on all types of assignments.

  • Time will be spent walking dogs, feeding animals, cleaning up any messes that have been made, scooping litter boxes and picking up poop. Providing TLC and playtime with the pets is of utmost importance. Mail and newspaper pick up, trash removal, light+blind/curtain rotation and house plant care may also be included.

  • Even during bad weather visits must occur. Sitters must feel comfortable driving/walking in the wind, rain and heat/cold.

  • Sitters must be comfortable checking in and working with our office staff and Online Management Software. This helps us ensure everything has been completed to client specifications. Staff members may be GPS tracked at client visits.

  • Sitters may also be required to make detailed visit notes for each visit. Sitters must be comfortable using an iPad on the job.

  • Sitters must take responsibility to not lose keys or get locked out.

  • Sitters must respect client confidentiality. Sitters should not discuss with anyone that a particular client is away.

  • Due to the bonding that occurs between our staff members and the pets in their care, we request that employees try to make a commitment to working with Sit Walk Stay Sienna for ONE YEAR. This request is not intended to change the traditional relationship of employment at will.



Skills and Abilities

While a love of pets ranks among the top qualities needed to be successful as a pet sitter, additional skills are necessary. Dealing with clients requires excellent customer service skills and the ability to empathize with pet owners is essential. The job also requires high attention to detail and patience when dealing with pets. In addition, pet sitters must be able to meet the physical demands of the position, such as walking and lifting.



Additional Qualifications

Caring for pets requires the ability to handle emergency situations in a calm and confident manner. Knowledge concerning basic pet first aid, such as handling burns, choking or other injuries is a must for pet sitters. Yearly training is mandatory.


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