At Sit Walk Stay Sienna. your privacy and assets are a principal concern to us. In order to provide you with the best service possible, and protect you and your assets, we have certain requirements and policies that we have put into practice.


We do not divulge the identity of our clients to anyone outside of our business. In a further measure, if through outside means, people know you are a client of ours, they would never know the exact dates of services that we provide to you. Furthermore, if for some reason someone arrives at your house while we are contracted with you, we will inform them that we are performing services per your request, and that you are currently unavailable. Beyond that, we will answer no further questions, and will not be able to take any messages in this instance.

If anyone contacts us with an urgent need to contact you, regardless of relation to you, we will contact you on their behalf. We will not under ANY circumstances release information to them.


If at any time we feel your privacy, or security of your assets is in jeopardy, we will take whatever measures necessary to protect you. If this is an issue that needs your input, we will immediately contact you at home, or your away destination.


All of our house visits are discrete, we do not advertise on our vehicles while visiting a clients home.